Dressing with Intent

Dressing with Intent for Empaths:

Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one’s Empath capacity.

You May Be An Empath If…

  1. You look at someone and just know their emotional state.
    2.You can feel the energy coming at you (or being drained) from another person, especially from the eyes.
    3. You have a blocked feeling in your chest [or core], as if someone is tugging on it.
    4. Tend to run away from people when stressed, rather than engage.
    5. You’ve been called “oversensitive,” especially if you’re male.
    6. Always know where danger may lurk. (Curiously, you may have avoided accidents).
    7. Are drawn to the tranquility of animals.
    8. Are drawn to mountains, nature, or the ocean – anywhere outdoors.
    9. Cannot bear violence in any form.
    10. Can easily produce tears, sometimes at will.
    11. You can feel the physical aches & pains of others.
    12. Feel better after a good, intense cry.
    13. See things from the “bigger picture” and from “the larger scheme of things.”
    14. Are overwhelmed by large crowds or mobs (e.g. shopping malls).
    15. Can sometimes feel affected by the energy of the full moon.
    16. Have intense, fantastic, and sometimes lucid, dreams.

If this sounds like you…You’re not alone.

The number one key is to STAY GROUNDED in your body. This means getting regular exercise, eating nutritional food, and cutting out over stimulating things in your life.  Walk outside barefoot!

How holding onto emotions can harm you:

Anger-weakens the liver

Grief-weakens the lungs

Worry-weakens the stomach

Stress-weakens the heart and brain

Fear-weakens the kidneys

They are the invisible cause of much suffering physically and emotionally.

Manage Your Empathic Tendencies

Using your morning ritual to “greet the new day” and importance of properly clearing yourself and proper shielding. Ideas to start your day: run a selenite wand through your auric field and then wash your hands using salt (visualize any excess energy gathering in the salt and being washed away by the water) when showering allow the water to clear your aura and wash it down through the Violet flame filter on the drain (to transmute it), while putting on lotion…say affirmations, while dressing visualize chakra clearing (I also say an affirmation as I put on my medicine bag and putting crystals in pocket).  I found the following worked for me when I was working outside my home, when I returned home after work, I would clear my aura with a selenite wand and burn sage to smudge with.

Ask your guides to tone down the messages you are receiving from others…you still receive the message but don’t have to take on someone else’s gunk.

Carry crystals with you Black Tourmaline, Sugilite, Shamanite Black Calcite or any you are drawn too! Create a crystal grid in your sacred space. Green Tourmaline has many benefits for all the Zodiac Signs.  It brings Air signs down to earth.  It offers endurance to the Fire signs.  It enables Earth signs to feel in a constant state of prosperity, and it balances the emotions of Water signs.

Use essential oils or incorporating the use of specific flower essences can help ease feelings of overwhelming or anxiousness associated with empathic natures.

Empath Essences

  • Yarrow– Energy Shield. Yarrow is a stabilizing remedy. It can help to shield anyone who is extra sensitive or vulnerable from energies that could deplete their personal space.
  • Mountain Pennyroyal– Mountain Pennyroyal remedy is a protective agent that gives clarity of mind and blocks negative energies. It can also assist the Empath cleanse and purge energies that have already been picked up. Expels negativity and psychic attachments.
  • Pink Yarrow– Pink Yarrow remedy helps anyone needing to create emotional boundaries. It allows a person to remain compassionate to the needs of others without taking on their burdens.
  • Dandelion– Dandelion remedy serves as a laundering service for washing away painful emotions. It allows emotional sludge to move through the body and get tossed away much like how dirt gets removed from clothing when it is laundered.

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