10 Crystals that Cleanse your Aura

Tess Whitehurst has written a blog post on 10 crystals that cleanse your aura.  You can check it out at the following link:


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Lithomancy: Casting Stones to Read the Future

Ashley Leavy has posted an interesting blog post on how to cast stones using crystals to read the future.  She even has a downloadable crystal casting board you can get for free.  Here is the article:


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How to Perform a Crystal Ball Reading

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to the following post today by Ashley Leavy.


I have a beautiful crystal ball that a friend gave me….I will have to try this out!

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Soothing the Soul with a Crystal Energy Bath for Self-Care

Ashley Leavy has posted a free recipe for a Crystal Energy Bath….she even includes a link to receive a free copy of her ebook with more recipes!  She is doing it in honor of National Bubble Bath Day!

Here’s the link: